GOP Representative Madison Cawthorn Told ‘Cry More’ – a Lot – After Losing Primary Fight

GOP Representative Madison Cawthorn Told ‘Cry More’ – a Lot – After Losing Primary Fight

Less than two years ago, Republican Madison Cawthorn celebrated his election to the House of Representatives by trolling critics on Twitter with a simple message: “Cry more, lib.”

On Tuesday, the extremist right winger known for an interest in Nazi history lost a contentious primary to North Carolina State Senator Chuck Edwards, and conceded. And soon after, his words from 2020 were thrown back at him on Twitter by people celebrating his political downfall with relish.

Again and again, people invited the congressman to “cry more,” or simply mocked his words by noting how things turned out, or both!

But it wasn’t just repeated references to “cry more.” People also made sure to mention the context for Cawthorn’s humiliating primary loss. It comes, of course, after a brutal two months of scandals that apparently were retaliatory in nature.

In March, Cawthorn angered Republican leaders nationally and in North Carolina when he claimed he’s been invited to orgies by fellow Republicans, some of whom did cocaine in front of him. He also questioned the loyalty of some Republican leaders in his home state. In the following weeks came a drip-drip-drip of bad news coordinated from within Republican ranks. This including leaks of salacious videos that attempted to redefine Cawthorn in grossly homophobic terms, resurfaced examples of the many lies he’s told about his background, and resurfaced accusations of sexual misconduct.

But regardless, it was intense and the result is that Cawthorn will be out of a job next year.

Though if Cawthorn is looking for something to do, MSNBC’s Joy Reid had this offer:

If Madison loses tonight he is welcome to appear on @thereidout tomorrow night to release the names of all the Republican congress members who took part in the cocaine orgies.

— Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷 (@JoyAnnReid) May 18, 2022

Anyway, if you’re so inclined, see some of the things people are saying to Cawthorn on Twitter below.

Madison Cawthorn lost his House seat tonight after a scorched-earth campaign by his Republican colleagues to get him out— a warning shot to any member who wants to speak out about cocaine and orgies

— Laura Bassett (@LEBassett) May 18, 2022

So, it turns out that Republicans can expel right wing populists, just as soon as they start gabbing about the cocaine orgies

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) May 18, 2022

There are now two things that can make you persona non grata among the House GOP: 1)telling the truth about who won the 2020 election 2)telling the truth about the cocaine orgies

— Scott Lemieux (@LemieuxLGM) May 18, 2022

the defeat of sexual predator madison cawthorn proves the existence of establishment republican cocaine orgies and that is funny and also gross

— maura quint (@behindyourback) May 18, 2022

This is what happens when you expose Republican cocaine orgies.

Hitler-loving insurrectionists are OK for Republicans. But they draw a line at exposing their cocaine orgies.

— David Atkins (@DavidOAtkins) May 18, 2022

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