Berry White Jeeter

Berry White Jeeter Joint

Berry White Jeeter, the world’s top-ranked Pre-Roll, has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Miami in 2007. Initially named after the joints their group of friends used to smoke in high school, Jeeter has now become a leading brand in the industry.

Today, the Jeeter family is commit to creating innovative and high-quality products. They are constantly pushing boundaries in product development and engaging with their community. Their dedication to excellence has made them a frontrunner in the industry.

Jeeter Joint

One of their standout products is the Berry White Jeeter Joint Infuse. This 1g joint is infused with THC-a Diamonds & Kief, making it a potent and flavorful option for cannabis enthusiasts. The Berry White strain, known for its berry flavors like blueberry and strawberry, is complement by citrus notes and light earthy tones. With a relaxed yet alert high, this joint is perfect for a mid-day break.

The Berry White strain itself is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow, both iconic strains in the cannabis community. It is known for its sweet scent of sour blueberries, with hints of pine and spice. THC levels in Berry White typically range between 17% and 28%, making it a potent choice for users.

Berry White Jeeter

Please note that any effects or flavors mentioned are base on user reports and should not be consider as medical advice. It is always recommend to consult with a physician before making any changes to your medical treatment.

With their commitment to quality and innovation, Jeeter has undoubtedly created a product that will delight cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a new favorite, give the Berry White Jeeter Joint Infused a try and experience the exceptional quality and flavor for yourself.



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